now, Wout van Aert is still dealing with the after effects of his crash in the Tour de France. Not only do you have rehabilitation is not as quickly as hoped, he will have that to show for it. “A trauma,” he called it in on Sunday. The three-fold world champion in cyclo-cross is now mental coach. “I’ve had better everything used to be done.”

the Big news at the beginning of september. Wout van Aert was on the bike. A ride of 75 miles, and his first since his crash in the final time trial of the Tour de France two months ago. Koersminnend Flanders looked up from the back of Van Aert, but this is still not the case. The Sunday, says the three-times world champion in cyclo-cross and that the recovery is much slower than it wants to be. Or is he still in the act, it is open to question. “I wanted to be at a decent level at the world cup, but at this moment it is feasible.”

Van Aert has also been discovered that the damage after his crash in the Tour, not just physically. “I’ve noticed that when I go to the races watching it, I was frightened by it as they speed through the corner went up. I figured out that I don’t have any problems, it would have to be after that fall, but it seems that it is quite a trauma.” Van Aert, leave this now to guide you to a mental coach Rudy Heylen. “I’ve had for a long time it was thought that there was no need, but I’m already a couple of times. I have had the better of what used to be done.”

Photo: Olivier Matthys

The man from Lille this week at the labour court of Mechelen (malines), where it is a dispute with an ex-team Rifle Spinning by Nick Nuyens is a lot of money. Van Aert took the dismissal for “serious cause”, the opposing party can speak of a breach of contract, and early on Tuesday, with 1.1 million euro in damages. “For me that was a shock,” said Van Aert. “If that is what is on the table it should explain to you, you should immediately sell your house, a few in fact. I’ve got that amount of money in all of these years, have never earned it, and I’m not even in agreement on how the counterparty has to be calculated.”

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