The Roman congregation has determined that a removal of the uterus for the prevention of pregnancies under certain conditions, as “morally allowed”. If the uterus is no longer being irreversible in a state in which the reproduction is possible, and if a possible pregnancy from a medical point of view would lead with certainty to a miscarriage, had allowed the removal of the organ. In this case, it was not an “illegal sterilization”, – stated in a communication to the Vatican on Thursday.

The prefect Luis Ladaria, signed opinion of the faith authority with the Express approval of Pope Francis bears the date 10. December 2018. It complements an earlier decision of 1993. This was explained to prevent the potential risk of pregnancy by removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) or removal of the fallopian tubes (tubal ligation) to be inadmissible. This is a Form of “direct sterilization”. In the same Letter, from 1993, continue to keep its “full validity”, it means the removal of the uterus is only allowed morally, if otherwise, “created a serious current danger to the life or health of the mother”.

In an explanatory note to the new opinion, the difference in the situation lies in the fact that it is now “bigger or smaller difficulties or risks” of pregnancy, but “a Couple of, a reproduction is not possible”. Since “the birth of a living fetus is not biologically possible,” could be the surgical procedure “not as an anti-prokreativ considered”, i.e. not as a Form of contraception.