How is the amount of the retirement pension calculated? The question has something to worry the French and the French, according to the recent Planet survey, in this regard. A majority of the latter obviously know their rights rather poorly. They may therefore find it difficult to accurately estimate the new income to which they will be entitled after the cessation of activity. It is clear, in fact, that the French system can be complex to understand. The calculation formula, recalls the Retirement Insurance on its site, is based on several factors: the average annual income, the rate applied to the average annual income and finally the duration of insurance corresponding to the various activities carried out.

However, there is a constant that is easy to understand: low income quite mechanically generates low contributions… which ultimately results in a fairly low retirement pension. The replacement rate, which calculates the difference between the last salary and the amount received once retired, tends, however, to better protect precarious workers than those who are more fortunate.

A salary of 1,600 euros net corresponds to a remuneration higher than the minimum wage. Therefore, how much can a worker facing this kind of situation claim? Naturally, the answer depends on several factors relating to the career pursued. For this type of projection, Planet relies on the theoretical profile of a man, childless, born on January 1, 1960 and having started working in 1978. He earns 24,615 euros gross per year, which represents between 1,500 and 1,600 euros net per month.

According to the retirement simulator of Retirement in plain language, he will retire at 63 years and 6 months in 2023 to avoid the penalty imposed by Agirc-Arrco and will then benefit from a net pension estimated at 1,375 euros monthly .