With the next love, it is not far. There’s a war on. Yesterday, for example, in the coastal mountains at Narvik: As we lay injured in the snow, the sky boomed aircraft, behind the rocks, the form of the opponent – but, despite repeated calls for help, did not consider it to provide one of our comrades need us with the emergency syringe. Not for the first Time, as the bullets hit us. Not the second, third, fourth and fifth attempt, the the multi-player mode of this war game “Battlefield V”. After a while, you heard our request.

After all, infinite rebirth, what the real soldiers is the privilege of the already? But again and again takes you into the virtual Echo already beat battles. The latest edition of the video game “Battlefield” is in the consoles: the deafening, from an army of brave Polygon scenes of Bauer on the screen, the projected equivalent of Paintball and Lasertag battles in the forests and halls.

Here is the couch warrior, the Computer assigns one of the two warring sides in this war fights, in Multiplayer mode Online against other players. In the mode “conquest” is about: a group takes a flag pole, the others conquered them with guns, grenades and tanks, and in several places of the virtual card at the same time. To a Team, just theoretically, also a paramedic, has the upper hand.

Such a Shooter, the game took a long time in disrepute

In difference to the last “Battlefield”, which resulted in the First world war, returns to the players are now back to where in 2002 by Swedish company Digital illusions (DICE), developed war game series from the Ego-perspective on the historic battle-fields began in the Second world war. Such Shooter brought the computer game for a long time in disrepute. Still, if you deal with cruel-real events, whose wounds are still not healed for a long time. But as these games are designed today?

In the first of these short stories, in which you compete against computer opponents, we slide into the skin of a British Bank robber. Him in 1942, is offered as an Alternative to jail for participating in a sky travel command in North Africa. Almost single-handedly, he disassembled a German aircraft depot, to pick up and then quickly some fliers from the sky. This could also be an Action strip from the nineties.