This story sounds almost too good to be true: In Sicily, a barn find, appears handmade, lugged racing bike steel frame from the eighties and nineties, unused, primed, quasi-conserved. Around a hundred pieces find their way to Cologne, and turn out on closer inspection as the finest Columbus Material from Bianchi-production of high-quality and excellent condition. A treasure that has made it from the South of Italy, in the right hands, namely those of Julien Bazoge, Stephan Helms and Jérémy Laurent.

The three choice-Cologne operate under the name Upcycles intended purchase on the edge of the field of honour an unconventional Bicycle manufactory, in the Name of the program. From the old steel racers, they create urban reinterpretations according to customer’s idea. The bandwidth ranges from simple single Speed to the fully equipped Randonneur – everything is possible, everything is feasible. As the Basis of exclusively old steel is used, the components of the current Material on request. Finally, the individualized wheel not only beautiful to look at, but also reliable to drive, and to the needs of the driver needs.

But also restoration projects, the three-wheel connoisseurs make. The stock of spare parts is not impressive, know-how and passion are lacking anyway. Over 600 complete bikes and frames are tightly pushed into the premises of a former post office building, in the walls of the Upcycles-Vita has been increasing for 2015.


on the basis of a 20 square meters large basement room, the three expanded over the past few years. Meanwhile, workshop, warehouse and office take up large parts of the basement. The Genesis of Upcycles, it is clear that if Stephan Helms and Julien Bazoge from the beginning of times reports in drafty garages without electricity and water, dark basements and cramped conditions in shared rooms. “In the basement we had three or four wheels, and the workshop in a backpack,” says Helms. At that time, the two worked under the name of Luecicletta with a focus on urban and road bikes.

Bazoge is a machine-days of farmer and Velo-self-taught since he was a child. He worked in London and Cologne in various Bike shops, and bamboo built in France-frame. In helmet – on paper, a qualified social scientist, the wheels as well as the minimalist, took his Inspiration from both Vintage tables Fixies in the streets of New York, – he met a like-minded people. The common beginning of time was, how could it be otherwise, with its beer-fated ideas, Improvisation, the love for the wheel, but also of perfectionism. “We’ve sold all summer long bikes out of the window. Two days of the week, in addition to the study, and Julien had to work,“ says Helms.

As the Company began to slowly ride, got to Helms and Bazoge Jérémy Laurent, a French Vintage-specialists, which was dedicated under the name of Les Velos de Jeremy, especially the classics of his native country. Laurent had a collection of around 50 French, vintage cars, which he restored in his Cologne apartment with full attention.