Military air surveillance – United States to defend the exit from the Open-Skies Treaty Russia violated “systematically” the agreement of mutual military air surveillance between Nato and the former members of the Warsaw Pact, established the National security Advisor of the Trump government’s decision.0 comment Washington, Moscow, breach of contract, alleges that: The badge for the Mission “Open sky”. (Archive image)Keystone/Christian Charisius

The US has defended its announced exit from an agreement on military observation flights against criticism. So the National security adviser of US President Donald Trump, Robert O’brien commented in the German “Bild”-Zeitung on Saturday.

“The Russians violated the Treaty, systematically, by refusing American and allied aircraft Overflights,” he said. At the same time, Russia has used its Overflights, “to fly over to civilian facilities, the White house, Camp David, and a Golf course where the President is staying,” it was said more.

The Trump government had declared on Thursday that the United States pull out of the so-called Open-Skies Treaty between Nato States and former members of the Warsaw Pact for mutual military air monitoring. As the reason Washington is Treaty violations by Moscow. Therefore, the United States were no longer bound to the contract. The announcement has caused international Irritation and concern. Russia denied the allegations.

Ping-Pong of Statements

Even if you share the doubts as to the compliance with the clauses of the contract by Russia, regret the announcement of the United States, it said on Friday in a joint statement of foreign Ministers from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and other EU countries.

criticism of the criticism of the US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell said. Rather than complain about the reaction of the United States, Sweden and Germany in the past few years to increase pressure on Russia to meet its obligations, said Grenell, the German newspaper “Rheinische Post” of Saturday.

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