improved Two weeks after the commissioning of a Truck scale on the highway 44 in the case of Kassel, the traffic situation there, according to Hesse mobile. There is more load holding the car to the driving ban for heavy traffic as in the first days, said a spokeswoman for the road administration. “The current traffic management has contributed to a significant decline in violations, and thus, the situation on the ground, relaxed.” After several severe accidents, Hesse had been brought to mobile, the right-hand lane in the direction of the East automatically on a detour.

The crumbling mountain houses bridge will be strengthened. Vehicles with more than 3,5 tons of weight or 2.20 meters in width are not allowed to sail in the direction of A7. The Truck scale reports of violations, the vehicles are then drawn from the flowing traffic. But again and again, vans were driving in a lane pivoting on a concrete partition walls. “Since the commissioning of the weighing system on 11. January 2019 have happened a total of four accidents, which resulted in a full closure was necessary,“ said the spokeswoman.

How many trucks have the driving prohibition disregarded, is unclear: “A total number of violations is difficult to specify,” said the spokeswoman. However, the number had gone back to the first days significantly and, in particular, the share of Trucks over 7.5 tons. The balance before the bridge will remain until April. Installation and operating cost of four million euros.