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– Carl B., age 49), was the son of the woman who on Tuesday was found dead in her home in Grootzand, in Grembergen, it would have to be known that he and his mother have a stroke before it has been given.

Greta D. cope for a while with her health. It was a couple of weeks ago in the hospital in Sint-Niklaas for a procedure. Her son, Carl (49) has been living in Sint-Niklaas, and it was easier for his mother to visit. When the 70-year-old woman returns to the house, if it has been agreed that her son would be staying to take care of her.

But it was not an easy job to do. Neighbors heard the regular cry and a scream. Carl B. has a mental disability, that would be something to do with it. As a home nurse Tuesday morning danger of smoke, it was determined that the Hidden C. had passed away. The police department, and the laboratories were placed on the ground. There was talk about it as a suspicious death. Also, the judge had stepped down. The son was taken in for questioning and later arrested. In the face of a woman, it would be a big bruise to be seen to have been. According to neighbors, there was already talk of an assault. “We are not surprised, it’s been in the past, that there was a regular sound to be heard in the house,” said a neighbor. “She’s made it a regular fight. Her son is not at all normal. He was the home nurse for two weeks ago and have already forgotten.”

if you are one of the interrogations, the detectives explained to Carl B. and apparently the courts down. He is said to have admitted that he and his mother have a stroke in the face, has given. Because she’s apparently a regular in his bed and informed him of things to do. And that the man would be too much now. He seems to have made a statement that he was enormously tired and he wanted to sleep. Then he handed in a battle, and he got into the bed. The woman did not immediately die, that is, from the opening came. However, because of her health, is enormously fragile, had left them in the living. Carl b is in the psychiatric ward of the prison of Bruges, belgium. B. would be greatly impressed by what has happened. It has to be examined by a psychiatrist to determine whether he was accountable to. He was arrested on suspicion of murder.