you can not recognised by king Albert ii is now also for her children. That said, Delphine Boël, in an interview with the German newspaper Welt . Recently, she wanted to open a savings account for her infant son, Oscar. “A high level of risk, and it was in his bankdossier. My eleven-year-old,” says the artist, who also has a daughter.

In earlier interviews, had Boël has already told you how to seven years ago, and its house bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, in her behalf and that of her mother, and had shut down. “Without any prior notice, and without explanation, after more than 20 years ago.” She appeared on an international list of World-Check, too. “World-Check is relied on reports from the media and Wikipedia. Since I was the alleged illegitimate daughter of king Albert II, the word referred to, I was in the right. And now it becomes my children’s.” Boël claims that the World, Check out her suggested for her to be removed from the black list, on the condition that they ensure not in any way related to Albert II, to. “You lie, I don’t have to sign it.”

Boël has been for many years by the court of justice and the fight for its recognition. They are expected to be the decision for at least a year in coming. (dhs)

More about Delphine Boël king and queen will not be present at the funeral, king’s daughter, Delphine Boël, however, the sale is for the love nest of king Albert ii and is the mother of Delphine Delphine Boël is posing with a half-sister of king Albert of Albert and Paola, the day started with an appearance at the Vatican