The Podcast “decision-making in 2020” – A trip to the South and a dispute with a Swiss slave halterdie protests against racism, U.S. southern States, in which the Proud of the Confederacy is still a great capture. What do you trigger? Answers in the Podcast “decision-2020”.Alan Cassidy, Philipp loser demonstration against police brutality in Hattiesburg, a city in the state of Mississippi.Photo: Keystone

in view of the protests against the death of George Floyd of the comparison with the civil rights movement of the 1960s, falls in the United States, increasingly, also in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the learning of 1964 to the scene of a murder of three young civil rights that shocked the Nation. The small town is still struggling today with the consequences of racist terror against Black people.

Like the people in Mississippi look at today’s protests? Why has flared up to the flag of the state of a new dispute? And what is the role in the debate about ancient symbols, a Swiss, who in the 19th century. A century of pioneering in the West was?

About Philipp’s talk Wireless and US correspondent Alan Cassidy in the latest episode of “decision-2020”, the Tamedia Podcast to the elections in the United States.