The art of storytelling in the television series


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One of the few positive side effects that has left the pandemic has been the finding that it is not enough to grab the camera and uncover the bottle of cooking talent a series memorable . Great performers and filmmakers have tried without success in the last few weeks and it still is coming up any premiere more of the genre Confined by the world. In the best of cases, until now we have seen goodwill and trade . Almost always it misses the patient work and irreplaceable of the writers. Some managers will hurt, but it is a good news. Fortunately, we still arrive examples of the old way of counting, which is not infallible.

“Perry Mason”

we Started the review by a premiere failed, more than anything, because it commits the mortal sin of boring. If something had the old version starring Raymond Burr was tension and claw. The creator of the series of the 50’s and 60’s it was the own author of the original stories, Erle Stanley Gardner , that in a few times without many resources knew how to engage millions of viewers and convert to your lawyer for googly eyes on a star.

It’s a bit sad that more than half a century after Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones not have been able to keep at least the essential virtues of that success. In their eagerness to surprise, have not even kept the trade of the protagonist. As posts, they could have called his series I, Claudius, though this is the lesser of the evils.

Perry Mason, again on HBO, which also have hit indubitable, mind you. is The cast and the art direction are remarkable and the attempt to revive the keys of the old black film is praiseworthy, although the salad of topical swallow and the deliberately writing confusing only manages to confuse. A fault is essential to the neglect of the dialogues. Characters as Philip Marlow e and Sam Spade spit genius at incredible speed, as often happens with good art. That ability helped them to build a character that is the good thing of Matthew Rhys can not emulate with their planes melancholy. Give him a gun with the loader empty.

“Defending Jacob”Defending Jacob”

This release of Apple TV+ takes a step forward. A production lavish, the seal of the platform, we add the obvious interest of the story, created by Mark Bomback based on the novel by William Landay . The star is the father a lawyer, assistant of the attorney discovers astonished that the evidence of the crime which investigates leading to her son, who in other times would have been the adjective of abofeteable. is Chris Evans , also a producer, is booking the best and abundant flat, although J. K. Simmons manages to steal the role in four appearances.

the series has The main and almost the only defect of not risking in your formal proposal, something cold . To change offers a classical, well-told and with enough twists and surprises to liven up the interest.

“When the dust settles”

The smell of Netflix has earned another medal with the purchase of this great success of the Danish tv, that there exceeded 40% of quota, and is the most bold of the page. Amazed by the ability of a country so small to generate major titles, such as Borgen, Bron/ Broen and Forbrydelsen.

Two women, Ida Maria Rydén and Dorte Warnøe Høgh , are the creators of this story that replicates the old scheme of the lives crusades (not all of it is invented). Eight characters of your father and your mother come together with elegance in a terrible terrorist attack in Copenhagen, which the viewer knows from the first moment. The reconstruction of the previous days works a treat, thanks to a script smart and a staging elegant, always on a narrative scaffolding innovative .

The end of The Ministry Time, another series of risky, deep, and exemplary, avoiding the temptation to draw comparisons fatalistic with other public broadcasters.