Leuven, Leuven / Lubbeek –

In Leuven, Sunday evening, a nineteen-year-old kotstudent attacked by six armed men. They ran off with the money and the watch. Later in the evening, the police have a suspect to pick up, is a nineteen-year-old man from Lubbeek. That is, by the magistrate under a warrant to be placed. It reports to the ku Leuven public prosecutor Tuesday night.

The 19-year-old student walked into a Sunday night at about 23 o’clock in the Vaartstraat, when he was approached by a group of six men. One of the guys asked for some change, and others want the jacket to fit. The young man gave up about 1 eur to pen down and let the man’s jacket to fit. He got his jacket back, but then I asked a third person to watch and to be allowed to modify it. The third defendant gave up the watch and the victim of this defendant as opposed and threatened, that it is the victim’s to hit, and the six men ran away, went to the one of the child’s best interests.

The student called the police and gave it to a person of the culprits. A few hours later there was a politieploeg one of the suspects arrested in the Brouwersstraat. It was going to be a 19-year-old man, from Lubbeek, that the victim would have asked for it to be a jacket to match.

The public prosecutor’s office had the man’s voorleiden by the judge and placed him under the arrest warrant for extortion on the night by two or more persons.