Since the launch of the government-Malo, in October 2014, are a range of 210,000 new jobs have been filled. And that, says the minister of Social Affairs Maggie De Block (Open-VLD) on the basis of the latest figures from the National institute for Social Security (RSZ).

in Between the second quarter of 2018 and that by 2019, there are only a 43.661 jobs have been added. This is a smaller rise than in the first quarter of this year, when, on an annual basis, equivalent to 55,000 jobs have been created. Also, the number of agency workers declined in the second quarter, by 3.5 per cent on an annual basis.

job growth is a record of belgium residents is in the works. The employment rate rose to a record 71 per cent, according to The Block.

“The positive economic climate and the policies of the past few years are bearing fruit. What is even more interesting in spite of the announced growthrestraints, announced layoffs, and negative expectations due to the departure of the Uk from the European Union,” says Block. She also points out, the first time that the government has made a decision, and that firms should encourage staff to hire. According to the minister, the high labor costs are a concern for these companies, but there is still a shortage in the labour market is becoming a larger problem.

for More on Employment in Belgian employment is at its highest level ever, in line with the coalition agreement: pupils are tested four times, with stookolietanks, and VRT should not have anything more to do and Tom Meeuws (SP.(A) for the unemployed to re-skill to workers for Oosterweelwerken: “We are going to, nonetheless, not all of them are from abroad?” A record number of foreigners working in Belgium