Will November be as hot and dry as October? If the first days of the month are more in line with autumn with the return of precipitation and low temperatures, the next few weeks promise to be spring again.

According to La Chaîne Météo forecasts, the high pressure will gradually return to French territory, bringing great sunshine and mild weather in places, especially for the weekend of November 11.

“The temperatures will remain close to seasonal averages, with the return of cool mornings (risk of morning frosts) but the afternoons will be pleasant”, announces the site specializing in meteorology.

If the week of November 14 to 20, 2022 should experience some disturbances, fog and frost, the weather will remain rather dry, beautiful and mild on the whole… Before rising again to spring from November 21, although the temperatures would remain fairly autumnal.

“Temperatures could remain fairly close to seasonal averages, with fairly cold nights if the sky is clear. The main drawback of this development would be the rainfall and snow deficit in the mountains which would continue”, articulates the forecaster.

If the deadline does not allow us to be categorical about the weather conditions for the last week of November, La Chaîne Météo forecasts a certain mildness, concluding: “The disturbed ocean flow could still return at the beginning of December with a northerly current -west, which will have to be clarified in our next updates”.