Graham Norton’s chat show features Nicole Lecky as one of his guests this week. She sits down with him to discuss her new show, Mood.

As she looks forward to 2022, Lecky will be joining stars like Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar on Norton’s weekly talkshow.

Superhoe was her stage monologue, which she performed at The Royal Court in 2019. Her six-part television adaptation, titled Mood, will air on BBC Three later this year.

The cast was announced in late 2013 and includes a number of interesting names.

Lara Peake (Brave New World), Jessica Hynes, (Years & Years), Paul Kaye(Game of Thrones), Mia Jenkins (“Hanna”) and Jordan Duvigneau (“My Mum Tracy Beaker”) are just a few of the stellar actors in this amazing line-up.

This is everything you need about Lecky, and the highly-anticipated new series .

Lecky was born May 16, 1990. She is an actress, writer, and singer.

In recent years, she has appeared on shows like Death in Paradise and Bloods. She also wrote episodes for EastEnders spinoff E20 back in 2010.

She also wrote an episode of Ackley Bridge, the hit Channel 4 series in 2019, as well as material for Youngers back in 2014.

She starred in Unsaid Stories in 2020, and she was back as Jordan.

Although it is not yet known when Mood will be on screens, there are some promotional photos that have been released.

It was also featured on a BBC trailer that teased new shows for early 2022.

BBC Three has already raved about the programme ahead of its relaunch next Wednesday, so we expect it to be a matter of weeks.

Mood sees Lecky following in the footsteps Fleabag’s footsteps as an actor, writer, and singer-songwriter. Fleabag’s show began as a one-woman show.

Mood, a groundbreaking new drama that has been adapted into six episodes, features a great original soundtrack by Lecky.

It follows Sasha Clayton, also played by Lecky), who is a 25 year-old wannabe rapper and singer. However, she encounters many bumps on her way.

After being kicked from her family home, she finds the world of social media influence that could take her worldwide. As her online presence increases, so does her pressure to keep up with her new lifestyle.

Tonight’s episode of The Graham Norton Show will air on BBC One at 10.35pm.