Four out of five of the Flemish health-insurance sharing of information regarding the browsing habits of their customers, and advertisers, who are the customers and a follow-on to the internet, as well as a profile-building. That’s one of the findings of the VRT OFFICIAL. The health insurance companies are about the total lack of transparency, which is in conflict with European privacy laws.

the Advertisers have to know in which way, using cookies, which is exactly where a person how to look up information on, for example, have mental health issues. They will use this information for targeted advertising and to the behavior of the individuals in question, might help you.

The data protection law states that all websites that process personal data – that is data that can identify you, such as your name and phone number but also an IP address and a bank account to their users to let them know what information they have on them, save them, and what they can do with it. In some cases, such as when the information is intended for indirect marketing purposes, users must first give their consent for the processing. When it comes to medical information, the laws are even more stringent, because the information is ” sensitive personal data). In order for such data to be processed, the user must explicitly give their consent.

the investigation of the VRT shows that the sickness funds are not totally transparent about their cookie policy, and that the majority of cookiemeldingen does not comply with the rules.

as for The CM, it leaves the VRT already know that the present cookies policy has improved and will be. “An internal privacy team at one of the actions, in order for the issues to cover,” according to the person responsible for data protection and Stefan composed the score in The Morning.

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