Uproar in Turkey – minarets Bella Ciao play “” After a hacker attack is sounded from the loudspeakers of the various mosques in Izmir, the Italian partisan song from the Second world war. The Turkish authorities have begun an investigation. 6 Kommentare6″Bella Ciao” instead of the Muezzin From the various mosques in Izmir, in the image of the Konak mosque, is heard on Wednesday afternoon, the Italian partisan song. Photo: Halil Fidan, Anadolu Agency/

It unfamiliar sounds that invaded on Wednesday afternoon, two days before the end of Ramadan, from the loudspeakers in the streets of Izmir were. Instead of the muezzin, the Islamic call to prayer, sounded the anti-fascist Italian partisan song “Bella Ciao”. The reason for the musical reorientation seems to be a hacker of several prayer houses was an attack on the audio system in the stronghold of the opposition party, the CHP.

The Turkish authority for religious Affairs, Diyanet, has filed a complaint with the police. The Prosecutor’s office has since launched an investigation – even against users of the social networks that divided the action. A woman had been arrested on Thursday, told the state news Agency Anadolu. You will be accused of “denigrating religious values” – whether in connection with the hacker attack or because of their activities on the Internet, is unclear. A further Person was arrested on early Thursday morning, but shortly after been released.

Strange sounds from religious houses: the sound on Wednesday afternoon in Izmir. Video: Tamedia

Normally, a Muezzin – calls mostly over the loud speakers five times a day to Pray in the mosque. Now in Ramadan, in addition, night long prayers will be sung, the mosques are closed due to the Corona pandemic, however. The speakers are only meant for religious messages and calls to Prayer are improper application can be perceived by the Devout in a Muslim country such as Turkey quickly as blasphemy.

According to the reactions of some political representatives and government-related media were sharp. Ömer çelik, the spokesman of the government party, the AKP, the Islamic-conservative President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, condemned the incident. The perpetrators of this “heinous crime” would be found, he said on Twitter. The daily newspaper “Sabah daily” described the action as a “scandal,” the Istanbul newspaper “Yeni Safak” spoke of a “heinous attack” on mosques.

It is not the first Time that the audio systems of mosques to be alienated in the Turkey purpose. Three years ago, at the end of March 2017, were torn by the inhabitants of the Northern Turkish city of Kastamonu by the sound of a porno strip out of the bedroom. Local security officials claimed that Hooligans had taken over the speakers. Some newspaper reports speculated, however, employees of the mosque would forget to switch of the plant, while they devoted themselves to the movie.


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