After three years disappears, Leen Dendievel soon to be one of the most popular Reality soap opera Home . It’s time to face up to new challenges, ” says the actress. “I’m very grateful that I have been able to do that.”

Dendievel popped up in 2016, and in the Home as a Map Bomans, a transgender woman, who previously, as the Selling started. The transition from the son of Frank and Simonne daughter was of the father, a long time to be sensitive, but it eventually turned up, he too with it.

“I’m very, very honored, and I am for One very thankful that I have such a powerful character as the Map have been given the opportunity to play,” says Dendievel. “Map, it will always be one of my most beloved characters. They had a purpose, and that it has achieved in its vicinity, in the Home, and also for the people at home and abroad. And that makes me happy. But it is now time for the other characters to life. I am looking forward to the challenges of the future, and take it to the room to get another chance to see it. As an actress, I’m looking for characters who have managed to cut it down. Map was certainly one of them. I have spent the last three years at home, in a warm nest, and it will, of course, be missed. Thank you so much, Franky, is that I have become a happy wife would make.”

now, We are going to Borrow as a colleague, certainly, miss, said the Home -producer, Hans-Rays. “At the same time, we are very proud of the way it is in the character Map: to be far from self-evident, but, oh, such a punishment is done. And, who knows, it crosses our paths together once again in the future. After the Home has been Leens agenda is, of course, is also filled to the brim. In the next few months, there are a lot of theatertours, and she talks about it in her book.”

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