in Monday’s draw informateurs, Johan Vande Lanotte and mr Didier Reynders, to the king, to be their preformatienota to improve the situation. At a dinner party with a PS and N-VA, Thursday night, the last point and a comma in that memorandum were discussed.

Who takes over on Monday with the passing of the torch from mr Didier Reynders, and Johan Vande Lanotte? That’s the question that’s on this weekend in the Rue de la loi, law. As to the two informateurs on their mission to give back, should, the, the king of the new informateur, or the explorer out in the field to send to. At this point, you have two choices: once again a duo, this time with the PS and N-VA or a VA in there. In the first scenario, it may be that the king, Paul Magnette, and Bart De Wever may require to work together. However, it is to be heard, and if the PS Magnette, will not let the bill, which will also Bart De Wever of the neck, not sticking out. “It’s both of those things, or no one”, says N-VA. Slides of PS, say, with Jean-Claude Marcourt, to the front, then the N-VA is in search of one of the top teams. On who will be doing a lot of rumours, but no-one wants to have a name to acknowledge it. “Our party is big enough for that.”

Paul Magnette said in Le Soir , meanwhile, noted that the waters between N-VA and the PS are quite deep, continue. Since the 26 of may, there are a lot of discreet encounters and to have the informateurs. I’ve got a four or a five on the table, sat down with the VA and other interested parties. We’ll talk about all of the topics of the talk, and I don’t see any way that we can agree on,” said Magnette. Thursday, a new discussion took place between The European, Francken, Who Has it and Magnette. That’s the news from our vrijdagkrant has been confirmed by an insider. The discussion was mostly around one last time to look into the definition of the N-VA and PS, before all of the informateurs and their preformatienota to the king’s proposals. Behind the scenes, the N-VA, meanwhile, is working on one’s negotiating team to put together. If The Truth is still being asked by the king, and the N-VA delegation is, after all, more and more people are not only in Wallonia, controversial, Theo Francken.
More about the N-VA, The “dancing muslims” to “who otherwise would have a house to sell”, it is not the first uitschuiver of the Ham and the Flemish ‘national security’ is self-guided screening of ” trust in the federal service adversely affected after the record of Leuven, N-VA, SP.A and CD&V want to have that emergency vehicles between lanes of traffic can drive a Ham right out of the turn: “Begrotingstabellen on my desk, but I don’t give them to the opposition,”