“Outrageously ridiculous”, said Jean-Claude Juncker for the. According to the outgoing president of the European Commission, the tolerance of the French-speakers, on the Belgian coast. The mayor of Middelkerke, belgium-Jean-Marie Dedecker, react bites: “it Was Juncker to re-straalbezopen as well.”

Juncker, is just a few days to find It. “Thirty years ago I was at the butcher’s or the baker, feel free to have something in French to order. Today, they are not more widely accepted,” said the Native. He was speaking as German and Dutch. “That’s apparently it. I find that to be outrageously stupid.”

“I’ve never seen a Belgian women who is proud of his country”, the EU’s executive chairman further information.

“What a lie”

The mayor of Moscow, mr. Jean-Marie Dedecker does not recognize himself in the picture, and reacts strongly to the accusations made by Juncker. “That is a lie. He Was re-straalbezopen it?”, report Focus-WTV. “I’ll write him an official letter, and the question is whether I will be in the Grand-duchy of Luxembourg, with a half-kilo of ‘a’ you can order it from the Dutch.”

“our coast-everyone is welcome to join. In It we have an army and the Population as a tweedeverblijvers. It’s not a burden,” explains Dedecker, further and further out.” Only, that is, of Charleroi, who have come here for the benefits. For the rest of the day. With the Leffingeleuren, and the farmers weekend, the weekend is over, the heads go on foot.”

worldly ignorance

the mayor of Ostend, Bart Tommelein is the focus for the Juncker. “What a worldly ignorance. To claim that the coast is not very hospitable, and it was here that he forced the German to talk to. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of the language you are trying to talk, sounds like it is on Twitter.

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