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Javier Sanz Fernandez (Madrid, 1950). Economist and Master MBA in management and Business Administration, has decided to take this step and want to be the next president of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation. Who during two terms president of the Real Club Náutico de Palma and many others, chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Copa del Rey Mapfre, believes that the time has come and it will be presented to the upcoming elections of the RFEV, of which he has been its vice president of economics until earlier this year.

How did the idea of running for president of the RFEV?

In October of last year I left the presidency of the Real Club Náutico of Palma at the end of the period of eight years that establish the statutes of the entity. It was one of the stages most happy of my life and to tell the truth, I felt that I still were forces to work for the sailing, which is my passion. Before he had left the vice-president of the RFEV without being able to complete the project that had begun with high hopes in 2016, and I started to turn to the possibility of presenting a candidacy to continue with the initial project. What I have decided.

why has decided to take this step?

As I say, because sailing is my passion and I believe that in the company of a good team of collaborators, I can bring my experience in sports management, sailing Spanish through the national federation. On the other hand, my personal situation is now more conducive to taking a position as the president of the RFEV, to which, in case of being elected, I could devote myself full-time.

How do you see the current situation of the RFEV?

When I came out of the vice-president of economic in the month of January was reorganized as I announced in the assembly, after many years with a bad financial situation, there are no debts, in consequence, the foundations are firm to tackle a project that allow it to continue with a sustainable project. In this sense we did a good job that now requires continuity in a model that has worked. My academic training and my professional experience have taught me that in order for something to work, whether it be a company, a club or a federation, it is critical to the rigour in economic management. From there you can start to pick up a sports project and social. Otherwise you risk to build a castle of cards, as an example the Rio Olympics were a failure because of lack of means. The Tokyo Games will be a success of our athletes, as they have provided the economic means necessary to develop their work.

What is the first thing to change?

In the RFEV there are things that have been done well and others that I have not liked. I think that is a need for greater stability for professionals, technicians, athletes can achieve their goals in a reasonable time. The federation has given too many pitches has changed criteria many times in a very short time. That is not good for any boat.

This year due to the COVID19 there will be no Olympic Games how do you think that it could affect the sailing Spanish?

The postponement of the Tokyo Games affects not only the sailing, but all of the olympic athletes. Upsets the plans of preparation and generated a period of expectations uncertain, because we do not know in what conditions you will be able to celebrate the upcoming olympics. I always say that the worst thing is the uncertainty and that there is to know to manage it, without rushing, and to ensure that the decisions that today we take hot do not affect us tomorrow…

For nearly four months has not been able to hold regattas in Spain. How can there be this affected clubs and athletes?

it Has affected a lot. I keep permanent contact with the presidents of yacht clubs and all of them agree that the cancellation of races is still very negative. Look what that means for the candle, and step to the city of Palma on the postponement of the Copa del Rey. We must never forget that the function of a yacht club is to promote the sport. Without competitions, without harming the entire structure of the sport clubs, but I insist that we have to be patient, to ensure that the teams keep training with normality and trust that sooner than later will return the activity we have to accept that we have lived the year most outstanding of our lives and put the look in 2021.

We are in an election year but not yet convened the elections to the RFEV. Do you think that is taking too much startup?

elections must be held before the end of the year, we are in term, but should not delay the call, because the process is complex and needs time.

The CSD has been clear that the elections should be held during 2020

Well it is, The CSD has reiterated that idea. Not only with respect to the sail, but in all the federations in the olympics. I share this position. The mandates in these institutions expire every four years. The fact that the OLYMPICS have been postponed does not change anything. The decision was up to the president of the RFEV. I am confident that they follow the guidelines that mark the peak body of the sport who also is the one who supports with its grants to the federation. He doesn’t understand another thing. Be respectful of the rules.

If he is the president of the RFEV what would be your main goal and your philosophy?

Very simple: to Promote sailing in all of their plots through efficient organization and reorganized. The CSD is the institution that more money brings to the coffers states. We are talking about public money, of all the spaniards. The responsibility is huge. These funds have a character finalist, that is the sport. The RFEV, and I speak with full knowledge, should increase their own resources in order not to depend exclusively on the public subsidy. And the goal is that our sailors have the equipment and human resources to focus on their sporting goals.

does The president of the Valencian Federation announced that they would submit a candidate?

it Is necessary to stop talking of the candle in terms of blocks or groups of influence. That if a range has more weight than another, of if so-and-so has agreed with mengano and now this gets such and such a thing as a reward for their support. That I do not like or agree with them. The sailing we are all federated, we all have the same weight and we must work together for a common cause. I think that is the great unfinished business of this federation: greater transparency and a more democratic. I am not the candidate of the balearic federation, I am the candidate of all those who share my way of being. I want to be the president of all.

Your way to work in sailing has led him to have a good poster between different parts

I Try to be honest. If this makes you a good poster then they’re welcome. I am well aware of the sailing, and I know that each one of their constituencies plays a key role. For this to work, the entire crew must be on deck and perform their mission.

what is your idea of federation?

Very simple: the common house of all federated. And to be able to be a house where there is no family conflicts, where the role not of leaders, but of the athletes.

The federations, are due to the system itself, presidencialistas. Do you think that you must change this format or to this idea?

There are to know how to distinguish between presidential and authoritarianism, which are two different things, France is a republic with presidential system, but no one would say that it is an authoritarian state. When a president is good, nobody questions the desirability of the presidential system. If a president is good, is that you have a good team and knows how to delegate. Most of the decisions in the RFEV should be taken so collegial, following the criteria of the different technical committees, that have been created. I know the federation and I can say that they have workers very valid. No matter the model, the important thing is the team and is well led.

do you View the current situation of economic crisis it is possible to give it a spin and not having to rely so heavily on public money and to seek money in the private sector sponsors?

The times of crisis are conducive to strengthen the brand image, to build confidence, but it is no less true that the sponsors tend to retract. It is not easy, no one has said what it is, but you have to work on that line, so if the wind blows to please as if it does work against.

Has experience in coping with crisis

In the previous crisis, I had the opportunity to develop projects for sponsorship by the Real Club Náutico de Palma, who with the time were successful. I will tell you something that I think is important : the difficulty motivates me, always has, and that is one of the reasons why I’m here today.

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