The flemish prime-minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) has a show on Radio 2 in response to the hoopla surrounding the fact that he is in parliament on his or her smartphone to play. “I’m well aware that it is not a good idea, but I’m waiting for an important message, and that was just distracted,” said N-VA’er. “It was a fake news. I did not have an ‘Angry birds’, but the first Toy shoot.'”

It was, at least, to put it mildly, a remarkable picture of this week, all the members of the opposition, who hit the road in the Flemish Parliament, the then brand new prime minister, Jan Jambon, on his or her smartphone to play on while the debate is on-going.

Straight away, everywhere was written that Ham,’Angry birds’was playing. “This is an absolutely fake news,” according to the N-VA in The Week, As on Radio 2. “I also know, however, that this is not a good idea, but we’ll have to spend weeks working night and day. I was waiting for an important message, and it was just as distracted.I don’t think it’s fatal, it’s for all of the work that we already have.”

the figures show that the government — Ham and I plan to make 2 billion euros of savings, including cutting the child benefit, and by road pricing. However, he doesn’t want to talk to a besparingskabinet.”It is revenue for 2 billion euros, but in that space we are creating in order to other necessary expenses, to be able to do it,” he said.If we want to be in the waiting list for persons with disabilities, to eliminate the ability of the child to increase, and so on. “You can’t do that without somewhere else to save money or to tax them.”

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