The project is for the hov lane on the motorway E411 toward Brussels has been suspended, write on Wednesday-La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure. The regional government is waiting for an evaluation, However,, that isn’t going to be in april of 2020, and to report it.

The project, launched in may, the former Walloon minister of transport, Carlo Di Antonio (cdH). To streamline, it would be the right-hand side of the E411 motorway, from the Town to the state capital is only accessible to vehicles with at least three people on board.

The problem is that in Flanders the example of the Walloon Region, has not followed this lane, you will no longer be on the Flemish frontier, where the congestion usually starts at the head, to write to the newspapers.

In practice, this is the area between the Town and the Rosières is only saturated in the event of accidents. In the Walloon and the effort, therefore, has no relevance any more.

you Currently have to wait for the new minister Philippe Henry (Ecolo), in a review of the region financial institutions to the infrastructure, However. “This is just a pilot project. Ecolo has been a supporter of car-pooling, but there will be no change to this assessment.”

now, However, for his part, states that the evaluation will be ready by april 2020, at the earliest.