New talk show – Hairy competition for Fallon, Kimmel, Colbert and co. Elmo from sesame street is now also a TV presenter; he has even made it into the American night.0 comment rhyme entertainment sky arrived: The hairy Monster Elmo.Photo: Richard Termine/Sesame Workshop via AP

On Thursday (local time) was aired the first episode of “Not Too Late Show” – the “not so late” late night show-pre – streaming service Youtube. Elmo wore over his red fur – like right talk show Hosts – a suit and tie and began his late night career with a magic trick.

In the premiere episode, he invited the Jonas Brothers in the Studio, and the mass cut with the Band in the faces. Of course, the Jonas Brothers also sang a Song with the show’s own monster band – it was about brushing your teeth. Meanwhile, Ernie and Bert worked backstage as a technician. The “Not Too Late Show” will be in the USA from the 27. To see the Video provider “HBO Max” to be.

The new evening series for children, with Elmo, one of the most popular Monster of the sesame street main characters. With Oscar out of the garbage bin or the cookie monster are among others. Prior to the broadcast start Elmo from colleague and “Late Show”host Stephen Colbert because of the striking similar Called criticism was: “I see that You give me a copy,” said Colbert in a Video with Elmo. The Monster promised him no audience to eat. He must be already at 19:30, in bed.


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