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The Real Club Náutico of Torrevieja launched one of their flagship races of cruise as the Cruise Cabo Roig, which this year celebrates its 56th edition, and for 6 which has coupled his name with that of the Regatta Cabo Roig, creating parallel Cup Astoria – Memorial Fernando Pedrera, under the sponsorship of the Group Patrimi.

The appointment torrevieja maintains its date of August 15, being the scoring for the Copa Autonomous Cruise ORC, although it’s going to be an edit of something special, different in terms of its program, not only sports but also social, given the current situation of the pandemic Covid19.

the intention of The Club, as well as the Group Patrimi, was to make the regatta to maintain a ‘normality’ within the possible measures, although at the present time and the situation that is taking place with regard to the pandemic in the past few days has forced major changes, all without losing the essence and charisma of the crossing Cabo Roig, emblem of the marina of Torrevieja in their regattas of the summer.

The first change, one of the most significant, is at the social level, as the party that has been organized in the past few years is not held, so that the trophy presentation was postponed to the 29th August, the date on which delivered to other awards in the last few races that has held the Club.

In sports, there are also changes, because the race ‘technique’ that was celebrated on the day of the afternoon, with tours of windward-leeward for boats of the ‘race’ is left out of the program, so the competition will focus solely on the journey to Cabo Roig, with some 12.5 miles to the ORC and something less for ORC Club-Division 2, ships something more amateur, with a 10.5 nautical miles.

The first, with that journey more broad, will be required to complete a ‘triangle’. After the output in the vicinity of the club, the fleet will sail to Cabo Roig and once you have made the beacon at that point, will be confronted with the step-by-beacon 2 is located more or less in the middle of the trail to make our way to the finish line at the same starting point, thus forming a small triangle in the bay of torrevieja. The more ships amateur will do the same, with the caveat that they must not go by beacon 2, on a direct course to Cabo Roig, and from there to the finish line.

The regatta will be subject to the security measures and protocols Covid19 that have been established both from the RFEV and the FVCV, as well as the actions taken by the club itself to ensure that its comply with the measures of distance, use of gels and masks, as well as own shares in the same premises of the club in regard to the disinfection of all areas.

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