Voice commentary – racist magnetized end überallDie Partiziperitis grass. And recorded also the journalists. You may no longer be called so. But: “The Media”. What a nonsense! Martin Ebel41 Kommentare41Die classic press conference. The front will be informed, at the rear of journalists in squatting? Or The Media?Photo: Peter Klaunzer (Keystone)

The police violence in the United States is not only Black, pardon, People of Color, but also journalists. Here is another Pardon is apparently due. Because what we read in our favorite organ? “The media under fire,” it says. Apparently the people who created the media, i.e., have founded. Too many victims may not have tasted the fire, the number of founders is small; in Switzerland you could call, at best, Peter Wanner with his Portal “Watson” or the boys and girls of the “Republic”.

the media, of course, journalists are meant here. Is frowned upon the word now, because you can derive from him in the female Form? Because of the constant duplication (“journalists”) is annoying, that even the most ardent gender police (incl language. –indoor) on. Which is why a supposedly neutral grammatical Form ranmuss: the present participle.

Our politically correct gegängelte language directing professionals suffers from rampant Partiziperitis: Researchers, knowledge-generating, Nourishing, Roosting, employees. And for a long time now: students. Although this is logically absurd, because the participle refers to present tense something that is Called just do: students studying, a sentence such as “three students died in the accident,” therefore, is absurd, except, she got it with the Textbook in Hand.

Now, it has caught so also the venerable profession of journalism. His Offense is not of professional, but of language: One can derive from the concept of a female Form. Therefore, away with it! We are all, at which subalterner also always in the media. Small Augsteins.

Now have a voice drangsalierer and verhunzer (female specimens included like to) that they lack logic as a consequence. Because, first of all: If anything, you would have to write “In-the-media-Professionals under fire.” What sounds even more stupid. Secondly: What is with all the negative terms and connotations with men? Because the generic masculine be on the loose drive. Criminals? It must mean “criminal who threatens the entir end”! And “Killing”, even if they are a year later in court! And what is with the racists? All only men? I suggest “a racist at the end”.

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