Towards new shortages at the supermarket? Collateral victims of the conflict between the TotalEnergies and Esso-exxonmobil refineries and their employees, foodstuffs are struggling to find their way to the supermarket.

The supply difficulties do not only affect motorists, who wait for hours in front of service stations, but also road hauliers who can no longer ensure all of their deliveries.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022, refrigerated transport professionals sounded the alarm, indicating that shortages on certain products could arise if the situation was not quickly regularized.

As BFMTV reminds us, the confederation of wholesalers brings together 150,000 wholesalers in France, and delivers to several sectors, namely “retail businesses, hospitals, canteens with food products, food distribution and health”. In addition to large retailers, industries and out-of-home catering could also have difficulty in being delivered.

Thus, several products could slowly evaporate from the shelves in the coming days:

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