The pump of discord. Following the blockades by the strikers of the refineries of TotalEnergies, the whole country is facing a great shortage of fuel in the service stations. A complicated situation for many French people who use their vehicle for a personal or professional journey on a daily basis.

For several days, there has been a rush in the terminals of the gas pumps. Day and night, road users scramble to grab a few liters for their tank. Result: everything is liquidated in a few hours in some stations while for other positions, you have to be patient in front of the long queues, and avoid a nervous breakdown!

In the hope of being able to fill up with fuel, some are totally excessive by filling jerrycans. Often causing anger and conflict between motorists, bikers and truck drivers. Other citizens, more astute, prefer to turn to applications and websites to find a gas pump available nearby.

Meanwhile, netizens found the solution: make fun of the fuel shortage on social media. From Instagram to Twitter, they reveal the best jokes and anecdotes. For example: do you know how the Bretons and the Marseillais do not run out of gas? The answer in pictures in our slideshow.