Parallel traffic. Gasoline shortages inspire some, who now resell fuel on social networks, at a price of course higher than what can be found at the station. As BFMTV explains, a group of traffickers, for example, appropriated a Parisian gas station on Tuesday, October 11, in the face of motorists. They filled dozens of jerrycans with gasoline before fleeing.

While some of these traffickers resell them on the sly, others offer them on social networks, including Snapchat. A reader of Planet explains, for example, having seen ads on the social network, where a liter of gasoline is offered at three euros. According to what we could see, Telegram messaging would also be used for this “parallel traffic”, where black gold is offered at the same price. This is not the first time that street vendors have managed to resell fuel on social networks. In recent months, faced with rising gasoline prices, several people have been taken into custody for the same reasons.

According to information from BFMTV, 5 people were arrested and then taken into police custody in Val-de-Marne after taking 50 liters of gasoline with the aim of reselling them on the sly for 3.50 euros per liter . An illegal practice, which can be punished by 6 months’ imprisonment and a fine of 3,750 euros. As a reminder, the sale and transport of fuel by jerry cans has been prohibited throughout the territory since the beginning of the week, in order not to accentuate the shortage, which is already significant in the territory.