From Partner violence to excess, was attacked with an award – winning Athlete from Papua new Guinea is beaten up by her Partner and a Video of it on the Internet. This is a long overdue policy debate in your country.Arne Perras, Singapur0 comment difficult to Debbie Kaore injured after the attack.Photo: PD

To the head, she wrapped a thick white bandage, the left face side, and the chin are pave, as well as a thigh. The boxer and Rugby player Debbie Kaore from Papua new Guinea got it bad, like the pictures show on Facebook and in the Australian media. Only that this was not a sports accident, on the playing field. Kaore has suffered a brutal attack in their own four walls.

The alleged perpetrator is the man with whom she lives and a two-month-old child. “I’m just happy that I’m alive came”, said the Athlete, after Doctors stitched her wounds and the burns were connected. The attackers tortured them with a hot iron.

Debbie Kaore (Second from right) is a Rugby Star and Boxmeisterin.Photo:

Kaores case is now beyond the borders of Papua new Guinea is also known, because of the regional sports star has released a Video showing the fact. Apparently, a family filmed a member, what happened with Debbie Kaore home, as her Partner, a Lieutenant of the armed forces, the hand grip was. He is a strong man, a good head taller than Kaore. To see, how he happens to twice brutally with his head. In addition, he wields the iron, with which he chases Debbie Kaore through the house.

The alleged tormentor is now arrested for assault has been accused of. The pictures, the friends popular with Kaores approval on social media, show the crime to which women are exposed on all continents. But nowhere are these depths appear to be deeper than in this Pacific island state. Although the latest data is missing, but state investigations suggested already in the 90s frightening proportions. At that time, 66 percent of men admitted to beating their wives; and 67 percent of the women confirmed that they suffer at home beating.

Idle state

The state is weak. Only since 2013, there is a “law for the protection of the family”, to provide such Assaults under penalty and help protect victims. This is a start. But impunity is widespread. Clans in Papua new Guinea is still in a kind of customary law, from which they infer that men are women are not allowed to chastise. And the state often makes it happen.

The lives of many people in Papua new Guinea meanders between the heritage of the stone axe, and always new versions of your Smartphones. Where alcohol and unemployment are added, which leads to extreme disinhibition in men, which can no longer fill their traditional roles. To feel a women close to you get the particularly.

Whether the case Kaore will mark a turning point? What is new is that women dare domestic crime to publicly denounce, you are now calling for protection and punishment for the perpetrators. However, nobody knows whether this will initiate a broad change. Some are skeptical about it. The anthropologist Fiona Hukula from the PNG National Research Institute observed that more and more excesses of violence were to become known on social media, but you walls then quickly from the Radar to waste. What is needed is a stronger commitment of the state and more resources, so that women can take to protection and assistance, she told the Australian broadcaster ABC.

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