If it were so, as Robert Harris in his novel “Fatherland” thought up, then the Pride of the German Navy would be “Grand Admiral Dönitz” would be a nuclear submarine and was in Trondheim. Because it came as it had come, the Pride of the German Navy “Gorch Fock” is a abgetakelter soul seller and is already for years in a dry dock in Bremerhaven. All those who think this is a scandal, have the right. But the other variant would we really prefer?

Berthold Kohler


F. A. Z.

Already explained this Alternative, why the Windjammer, which is currently the only Jammer that has so many Fans. (Also the author of these lines must admit that the sailors already in the scale of 1:150 reconstructed.) From post-war German point of view, there is not a more perfect vessel of war than this very civil school in the Nation.

Our frigates and submarines are also mostly completely peaceful in the yard. But once in a while you need to expire, so that new damage can be noted. If these grey, wolves with the smallest travel in the night-time North sea sneak, it looks always a bit as if you had again, Narvik to the target or Scapa Flow.

Slides but the “Gorch Fock”, with full sail up, and as white as the innocence under the beaming sun on the wide sea, then not only will our neighbors be able to stay completely relaxed. Then sums the Germans on the embankment of the melody from the “dream ship” and think of Sascha Hehn, or Florian Silbereisen, Hans Albers. The “Gorch Fock” is much more than a Pleasure boat: power for six decades, the living vessel of our new identity as a peace (to the lake). The Reports on your condition it can be in the only fight they had in the past, just about gone, to stay above water. As an Ambassador of our peacefulness, but the Bark was the most priceless services in all over the world.

The “Gorch Fock” must be saved for a different reason. We should finally break the unfortunate Tradition of our Maritime legends ending in tragedies. Just think of the battle in 1914 at the Falkland Islands and the last man in the S. M. S. Nürnberg, “Bismarck” and “Admiral Graf Spee” U 47, “Pamir” and “Carin II”. Also, the first “dream ship” took part in an Indian ship-breaking beach a nightmarish end.

Forever nagging the country rats are now likely to argue that the “Gorch Fock” is also not much more was left than a skeleton. But even disposing of it would cost several million, at least in Germany. In the far East, you would get probably a new training ship. With us it is more stringent nitrogen oxide and particulate matter limits applicable to the shipyards.