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What is freedom?

—Our way of life, but in a pandemic takes shape collective.

Covid, ETA.

—As against terrorism, the security is prepended to the freedom.

Less freedom.

—No. New habits: face masks, wash hands more, prevent large concentrations in enclosed spaces during the winter. Reduce the capacity, to organize the input and the output, improve the ventilation system.


—The closure was a failure of the system, but we could go back to needing it. I hope not, but we’ll have to make more of an effort. All.

The taboo that makes it almost impossible to Ifema.

—There is a taboo in the public, which is that everything has to be public. The public consists of providing a service with the resources that you have at your fingertips. There are things that the private sector does it better.

Cure the best.

—Value is the service and not who makes it. I want to heal and want to the best.

The phantom of the privatization.

—it is Not to privatize, that is to outsource. The health is serious and it is absurd to prefer the ideology to the results.

we do Not have infinite resources.

—In the public we can’t afford infinite resources for all, hoping that one day they are needed.

A disservice.

—You do a disservice to public health if we want to demonize the participation of private companies, with their extraordinary results.

The lie.

—it Is heartbreaking that the public health has become a political weapon: the “tides” white convinced the people of the worst lies. PSOE and we Can know that, without the contest private, the public part does not work.


—If you know that in the private sector you will find answers faster and more valuable, it is absurd to criticize him, to get return policy.

Public does not mean free of charge and pay for Healthcare with our money.

—Money we don’t have, but we have the way to pay for it.

Harvard Matrix.

—Is the dangerous fashion of the economy without money. Is going to cost us out of it. We don’t have money, we are going to have to leave, and we are going to demand that we be able to return it we will Have to resign to live as well.

Harvard will continue to live what we have not.

—As ecesitaremos a double Harvard: because the “normal” we already have and our system has collapsed.

get Off the salary, pay it forward.

—The solidarity only works if it is collective. I low my salary as a civil servant, but then the Government can’t sign 1,000 advisors more.

let’s go Back to the bug. Fear.

—Are accepted such drastic measures because we were afraid. Now I hope that fear serve us to incorporate habits and higienes that we avoid a second confinement. We have to learn to live with the pandemic without destroying the economy.

Covid, aids.

—The leprosy looked like. The coronavirus is not seen. With aids the same thing happened. The first years we did not understand anything.

But we didn’t stop overnight.

—But we take preventive measures, we had more prevention and care to not infect us. In fact we continue with these measures and when relaxed, returns to raise the incidence.

Hiding is not the solution. During the bombing of Barcelona, my grandparents went out to buy bread. The nazis went to look.

—During the first few pumps, no one came out. The jews had to hide. They left the americans, after a time, and when you knew what to do.

Not had to disassemble Ifema.

—Ifema was an instrument, not a hospital system. It was a center for the other hospitals they could work. It was dismantled when the hospitals had enough beds.


—In 48 hours you can re-assemble exactly the same. I hope that’s not necessary, but it cannot be ruled out.

who lit the light of lift Ifema?

—The secretary of Health. But it is not that you turn on the light, but the light gave him in the face. The decision was taken on the 20th of April at 9 in the night and 21 to welcome the first patients.

special Skin.

—All the gtandes tragedies have in common is the human quality of the health workforce. They have a special skin and comes out in the toughest moments.

An exploit.

—In Ifema, the majority were primary care physicians without hospital experience. Adapted, knowing that they could infect and die. Almost all were volunteers. It was a feat.

A successful Spanish comparable to the Transition.

—We gathered all: the time, the lucidity, the courage, and also luck. I saw faces of shock when the director said “go”. It was a madness, a system of working different from all the others. And unpublished. We didn’t know what acceptance would, or if we would get the beds, the oxygen, the systems diagnostics.

4,000 to 0.

—In London became one of the biggest and has not answered or to a patient because when it was done, the peak was down. And it is normal because a hospital is mounted in years. Ifema is mounted, in a day and we served 4,000 patients.