Only two television Genres may not always act as the time-rate shows and fairy-tale films like:. Like a backdrop from the last century? Bring it on. Stilted Language? . To this rule also, the ZDF has held with its adaptation of “snow and rose red-and-white”. Therefore, we see the sisters Rosalie (Zoe Moore) and Bianca (Jeanne Goursaud) to boots, beginning with roller skates (true roll, no skates!) through a Park. Bianca is wearing the blonde hair in cute dumplings on the head shot. If the-Nineties-pop stars flowers and Lucilectric had ever made a Video, just as it would be.

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This is pulled out from the Off the tale. In short: two sisters, both equally dear, and equally beautiful, a bear that looks scary, but also sweet, and a nasty dwarf. At the end of the Good to marry, and if they died, then they still live today. And since the sisters Rosalie and Bianca hands have already received so subtly at the end of the name, know the audience it is hardly to be expected that the screenwriter Sarah Esser for the other thought of that.

But first, plot and wooden dialogues want to be survived. The sisters are freshly orphaned, and to give the sewing store of your mother, as an unlikable jerk with a Spanish accent comes and claims that the family owe him thirty thousand euros that he now wanted from them. “As you can see, everything is legally sound, comprende?” As you would know from a Stranger on the road of debt, but well, it is a fairy tale. Therefore, you must also see to the fact that the sisters sell all the great fabrics from the Store are reduced, although you have just completed your degree in fashion design. Because you might need one or the other bales.