The option “clearing peak days” (EJP) still concerns 1% of customer households at EDF. This particular tariff offers a perfectly advantageous electricity price 343 days a year, and a much higher amount for the remaining 22 days…

These days, which are not known in advance, are decided by the supplier according to periods of high consumption throughout the network.

On the other hand, the EJP days are not spread over the whole year, but only between the months of November and March. These peak days usually occur when it is particularly cold, in the middle of winter.

If the price of energy is advantageous with this option, there are however some disadvantages: in particular the ignorance of the calendar in advance, and the impossibility of using renewable electricity unlike certain competitors.

The option, which has not been offered since 1998, retains its regulars who have since developed methods to heat themselves differently. But who really wins by keeping this offer?

Note that you just need to contact EDF to request a change of tariff option at the following number: 09 69 32 15 15.