The wrong hair color could make the difference between life and death. That’s why Hanni Lévy was looking for a hairdresser who turned her in several long meetings, a blonde. Then it was possible for her to stroll on the Kurfürstendamm, without hostility. In fact, the exact opposite happened: men showed interest and wanted to come with her to the interview. Not for nothing is Paul Celan’s poem “death Fugue”, which is from the Terror of the national socialists and the suffering of the victim, and extend, with these two metrical harmony, but the content of against each other, the current verse ends: “your Golden hair Margarete / your aschenes hair Sulamith”.

Kai Spanke


F. A. Z.

Hanni Lévy was one of the seven thousand Jews who showed up during the Second world war in Berlin, and which, a thousand and seven hundred survived. At the latest, by February 1943, Joseph Goebbels made a Plan to make the city within a short time, “free of Jews”, none of them was more secure. Who wanted to escape Deportation had to be resourceful, have good luck, Quantum of Nonchalance or chutzpah. What are the forms assumed by this special kind of struggle for Survival, shows Claus Räfle in his docu-drama “The Invisible”.

Who saves a person, saves the whole world

in addition to Hanni Lévy, we get to know three more Jews, who escaped the Nazis in different ways. Eugene peace was Known, and distributed leaflets with which the resistance was called. His former optimism and present bewilderment need not represent a contradiction. In this Interview, peace said: “I never expected that I’ll come out of this whole story.” Shaken but he also says: “If anyone in the world had asked: Can you imagine that German a million times to kill completely innocent people simply would have told everyone: a Completely absurd idea, utter madness.”

The graphic artist Cioma Schönhaus provided with art finished forged passports not only for himself, but also many other a new identity – one that Followed the rescue from the concentration camp. The resistance fighter Helene Jacobs, who had hidden him, he says: “For me, the word of this Rabbis: ‘anyone Who has rescued a man who has saved the whole world.’ And this is a human, that is Helene Jacobs. Is, for me, for all Germans.“ Nice house, not the whole country, which he had, but the few people that were helpful.