Germany’s next opponent, Brazil, has missed the first big Surprise for the volleyball world Cup. The day before the duel with the DHB-selection, the Brazilians lost on Friday night, despite a strong performance with a 22:24 (13:16) against defending champion France. Jose Toledo was 10.529 spectators in Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena with eight goals, the best thrower of the South Americans, who missed a Sensation, mainly due to the outstanding French goalkeeper Vincent Gerard. Best scorer of the French, Michael Guigou and Dika Mem, each with six goals.

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the other co-favourites for the title started with Victories into the tournament. European champion Spain won in the Munich Olympic hall, against Bahrain with 33:23 (16:11). The most successful launcher of the game, Spain’s Ferran Sole was with seven goals. Vice-champion of Europe, Sweden had, in Copenhagen, against Egypt, although some difficulties, won but ended up with 27:24 (13:11). The most successful of Sweden, the two Bundesliga-pros Jim Gottfridsson (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) and Lukas Nilsson (THW Kiel), each with five goals.

Vice-champion of Norway won his opening match of the locker 34:24 (18:13) against Tunisia. A significant share of the success in the Danish city of Herning, the Bay of Magnus Jondal had with nine goals. On the Friday afternoon, too, Croatia had managed a win in the opening round. Also in Munich, the Croats with 31:27 (16:14) set against Iceland. The best launcher of the game, Luka Stepancic with eight goals.