From the betrayal, the speech was, as President, Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of American soldiers from Syria. Once again the Kurds had done the work for a foreign Power, in this case, as an efficient and reliable ally in the fight against the “Islamic state”. Once again they had to but then, when they wanted to submit their wage once, feel abandoned. Alone, would you keep an army like the Turkish will not stand very long.

in order for a return of history threatens. As of 1975, when the Shah of Persia, supported by a survey of the Iraqi Kurds, but when he had put his territorial claims against Iraq, the revenge of Saddam Hussein was letting on. Or as in 1991, when the West after the expulsion of the Iraqi army from Kuwait, the Kurds withdrew from the support and, once again, Saddam Hussein intervened. Or, as in September 2017, when the West during the independence referendum Iraq got the Kurds of Iraq have cold feet, and their hope shattered, that they would now finally get their own state.

Syria Kurds today feel similarly left alone, even if there is a deduction of America does not have to mean the end of the Anti-IS coalition. Unlike the Iraqi Kurds, they seek no state of their own. Because the PKK leader Öcalan, the follow ideologically, has taken place in the nearly two decades he spent in a Turkish prison, a u-turn. As the target he calls today a Kurdish autonomy within existing States and borders. The largest Syrian Kurdish party, the PYD follows. Turkey demonized you yet because of their ideological proximity to the PKK as a terrorist organization and will not tolerate it in Syria as a political force.

Both sides need an agreement

Beyond the Fears of a Turkish Offensive in Northern Syria is fraught with the American announcement, but also a Chance: The pressure from the outside could lead to the government in Damascus and the Syrian Kurds to agree on a Status for the Kurdish Northern Syria. This could be the impetus for a wider political process, in spite of the Weakening of the armed conflict so far.