It was not unusual, as Winfried called Faust in this editorial or in the case of other Newspapers and asked if they have interest in a lynx. “Today at dawn, photographed.” Or the first stork pair of the season. Or on the baby gorilla in the Zoo. Animals that had shown up to then, hardly anyone. Apart from him, Winfried fist, had the amazing gift, for hours with his camera, sit down and remain virtually motionless, until he got the animal that he wanted to photograph, in front of the lens.

So he made images that had no other. And sometimes, if it was on the phone with him in the Chat or in the Westend happens to be in his favorite café met, Cappuccino and Apple pie, he told how it had come to the photo. His eyes flashed then. It was like a childish Pride. To photograph animals whether in the wild or in the Zoo, was Winfried, the greatest joy to own. Now he has died at the age of 71 years.


In the Zoo of Frankfurt’s permanent guest. Even those who did not know him by name, had his face in front of eyes. A small, almost delicate man with a white mustache and usually a bit of scraggly raggedy Andy hair. “You know, there are young again?”, you heard him say then. Those secrets did not escape him. He knew every animal, has held on to all the generations of Bonobos, tigers, giraffes and bears with his photography. Wherever one met him, he brought in a good mood. Especially when he went out in the nature. If he has a whole day time had only the Moment for the one. Then he was quite himself.