A british scientist claims that the coronavirus came not from China, but that it has been here always


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The possibility that the coronavirus as it is in you will find in Europe months prior to filing the pandemic has raised serious questions about its possible origin. Among them, the Tom Jefferson , Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) at Oxford University. In fact, this expert believes that the coronavirus has not emerged in China, but that might have remained latent in all the world for a long time, to emerge when the environmental conditions were suitable for its expansion.

In statements to the british newspaper “The Telegraph”, Jefferson argues that there is a growing evidence that the virus was already in many other places before that were to arise in Asia.

just a few days Ago, in fact, virologists spaniards claimed to have found traces of the disease in sewage collected in march of 2019, nine months before the Covid 19 began to infect people in China. And also in Italy and Brazil have found evidence of the coronavirus in December and November of last year, respectively.

I Think that the virus was already here -ensures Jefferson to “The Telegraph” – and here, means in all parts. This may be a latent virus that has been activated now by the environmental conditions. There was a case in the Falkland islands in early February. Where did that came from?”

strange Happenings

Jefferson remember that weird things like this had already happened before, in particular during the so-called “Spanish flu” of 1918: “around 30 per cent of the population of Western Samoa died of Spanish flu, and had not had any communication with the outside world.”

For the scientist, the only explanation “is that these viruses or go or come anywhere, but they are here always and something activates them, can be that the density of population or the environmental conditions, and this is what we should be looking for.”

Jefferson believed that until now much attention has been paid to the virus itself, but little to his “ecology”. For example one would have to investigate why they are happening so many outbreaks in food factories, especially in meat industries. The researcher believes that in this way they may discover new and important pathways of transmission.