Kerosene from the ETH-spin – off Zurich airport relies on fuel from the sun and LuftDie Flughafen Zürich AG to buy the entire fuel production for the experimental reactor of Synhelion. As an aircraft fuel, the sustainable kerosene of the ETH spin-offs will not be used for the time being, but.0 comment Eder reactor on the roof of the laboratory the heat, get out of the CO2 in the air, water and sunshine fuel to produce supplies. Image: ETH Zurich/Alessandro Della Bella

in Order to reach its own climate targets, plans of the airport of Zurich with the ETH spin-off Synhelion to cooperate. In the framework of the cooperation, the research and development of synthetic fuels should be driven open ahead, the company said on Wednesday.

the goal is to make these fuels in sufficient quantity and at market prices available. In the year 2016 based Synhelion developed a technology, from air and sunlight synthetic Gas to produce. This is intended to be used for fuel that can be burned in conventional engines.

use in machines and companions on the ground

by 2050, the intention of the airport of Zurich, the CO2 emissions of the airport to reduce infrastructure on a net Zero. Under the agreement, the company will buy the entire year’s amount of in a test plant produced sustainable fuel of Synhelion at cost price, it means more.

In the test phase, the price will be “significantly” above that of fossil fuel. The sustainable fuel of the airport operator uses its own vehicles and machines. “We can drive the achievement of our climate goals,” says Emanuel Fleuti, head of environment, Zurich airport AG. Because in spite of the increasing use of alternative technologies such as electric vehicles would come in the operation of the airport infrastructure in the future internal combustion engines. With the willingness to pay significantly above the market price, fuel prices, would like to support the Zurich airport AG, the activities of Synhelion and contribute to the synthetic fuel is soon in bigger quantities available. thus, the price in the medium term with that of fossil fuels, competition is likely to be capable of.

In the future, fossil kerosene

The technology of Synhelion for the production of synthetic fuels to take in the air travel for the replacement of conventional kerosene by Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) is a key role. As for the already used today SAF, produced largely from recycled cooking oil and slaughterhouse waste, give it raw materials, the limits of availability will be achieved at some point, informs the company. SAF thanks to developments such as those of Synhelion once available in sufficient quantities, can replace fossil kerosene in the air transport sector up to 100 percent. (SDA/lop)


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