Primeurtje for the Three for the first time in its existence, a point was able to catch up against Zulte Waregem is in a ” home. Essevee took was far from his best level and had a half with a man less in games after a red card for Pletinckx. Larin led the visitors to a commanding lead. Bautista made up for in the second half.

in The first half of the brief? Sleep. To Ewoud Pletinckx, the breakthrough, Jon, Bautista brought down. Boucaut pointed to the penalty spot and put Pletinckx, a yellow cardboard under the tip of your nose. The roman felt in it and it was, again, at the discretion of the videorefs. Boucaut retired, the penalty kick and put the leather on, just out of the sixteen. Correct, because the error started out of the box. Pletinckx was red, and had to take a shower. This was to be understood as the jeugdproduct was to be the last man standing. Essevee had to go with a ten man any further. Even then, it was not to be done. At the time of the first period, the visitors the lead. Larin nodded, be the first to Zulte Waregem on a corner of Zarandia, against the ropes.

as For the rest of the first half came Three very, very eager for the day to day. The forces of Francky Dury got to not play football due to the opzittende Pandas. In the second half and went on sometimes over the edge, but the ref, Alexandre Boucaut had it all. A lot of the opportunities we saw, then it does not. In Three there was, however, one of Adalberto Penaranda around. The Venezolaan is in the center of Car, and it can be a quite a bit of pressure. Only the 22-year-old dribbelkont are not yet effective in its action.

On the side of Zulte Waregem, could be Berahino may have marked it. The Burundees was harshly dealt with by the Three. Only by Larin allowed them to rise.

Three bills of exchange for Zulte Waregem

at Zulte Waregem and was in the lead after the first half, but it wasn’t. That also saw coach Francky Dury. He grabbed with three points. Zarandia, Govea, and Oberlin and stayed in the locker room. Bruno, Humphreys, and Sissako are their replacements. Three-coach, Beñat and San José, and saw, after a quarter of an hour into the second period, without any improvement in his team and he threw aanvallendere of the players in the battle. Schouterden and Milicevic came, has Been, and Keita payments. That is performed right away. Milicevic, painted with a free-kick on to the head of Bautista and devoured Bossut: 1-to-1. Dury walked nervously to his dug-out. Three continued to pressure and had the momentum because of the male’s life. A real danger could be the Panda’s don’t have. Zulte Waregem have suggested the attack will not be much longer, and was just trying to his organization to remain in good standing. The party kabbelde heading towards the final whistle. Dury and his boys seemed to be happy with a point at the half with ten men. Three were not in a position to make a final assault in relation to stabbing.