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Tips for Online Theater – zoom to the fridge wackeltIm theatre, the audience is back. Although only virtual, but the program can see. Our current Highlights.Stefan Busz0 comment a very personal engagement with the story: Matthias Neukirch in “Hans grinding”.Photo: Ralf Bergel

As the Theater, the lives of the immediate encounter, in the times of the prescribed encounter lock works? Not really, you might say. Much is possible now. And so the theatre reinvents itself, for example, with a Zoom video conference.

“Hans grinding” at the Schauspielhaus Zürich

If Matthias Neukirch, since 2015 is an ensemble member of the Schauspielhaus Zürich, the traces of movement data of his grandfather on the stage, close to the audience sometimes very. Because what this Hans grinding, architect, archaeologist, SS officer, a family man, made, goes beyond the limits of the imagination.

Neukirch has been studying the files about his grandfather, and with Director Julian Klein, a very personal Solo-evening-designed – it is a “means of addressing the issues in our joint and individual history,” wrote a critic. Now the digital Version of the “Hans grinding” Premiere has, as a Zoom video conference. “We are pleased that there is finally you, the audience, watch it again!”, the Playhouse says.

a Limited number of seats, registration on theaterkasse@schauspielhaus.ch or by phone +41 44 258 77 77 (Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 15 p.m.), admission is free. Are already fully booked the performances for the 7. and 10. May, additional date: 12. May, 20 PM.

“52 Hertz” at the Theater Neumarkt

The first step to a new normality begins in your own kitchen, there, we are a spectator and Protagonist at the same time. The production of “52 Hertz” of the theater Neumarkt, Germany takes place at home. After logging in (always no later than the Tuesday prior to the desired presentation date at the weekend) to get by Post to the Director’s instructions for the piece (direction and Text: Anna Kirstine Left). For example, that you should lie with the ear on a sheet of paper in the kitchen. And then the refrigerator will vary. This is not almost analog?

game schedules, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in may, 21 at, sign-in on the ticket shop, staggered prices.

“Romeo and Juliet” at the Opera house

Okay, no theatre. But also streamed the ballet has a charm of its own. Here with Christian Spuck implementation of the most famous love story in world literature. In contrast to the Online-Theater Gimmick, nothing wobbles there.

Online www.opernhaus.ch available of 8. to 10. May, more free Streamings of productions to 1. June.

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