In the mountains one operates, more recently, “Snow-Farming”. The leftover snow from the previous season is collected in the shadow of holes and back on the slopes. This very successful method could be applied to other areas of life.

this year, there was sunshine in Abundance. You would have been able to collect, to put him on dull autumn and winter days, the people available. “Sun Farming” would help prevent depression and could make life in the dark ages of pleasant.

Money Farming

Not immediately required money is already stashed away for a long on savings accounts and in mattresses and savings pigs in order to use it in numerous times. One would describe the operation as a Save, but as a “Money-Farming”, he would be immediately a cool Trend.

At the political level parties, thanks to “Vote could store-Farming” of votes in past elections, you have not necessarily needed, and thus win today. The CSU would become with this cheap Trick once again the sole ruler.