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Real Madrid play the life in ten days, ten dates in which played four games, twelve points, which will decide if it is a champion of the League: “We have to keep winning, but we have not yet won anything. Morning recovery Varane, that’s fine. We now have four parties of madness in ten days to win the League. The calendar is not what I can change.”

“we don’t want to risk and Luka (Jovic) will spend a few days separated from the group; soon he will return to training”

set white you need two victories and two draws to become the champion, or three wins in the four meetings, to add their thirty-fourth Spanish championship: “I do Not speak of the League title, I don’t do accounts, there are to win tomorrow to Alavés, is the only thing that concerns me.”

Zinedine Zidane will test tomorrow in front of to Alavés with a defense unpublished. The low of Carvajal and Sergio Ramos through suspension, will force you to play with Lucas on the right and centre of defence formed by Militao and Varane.

coach appreciated the misfortune Jovic, that is section of the training for the positive for the coronavirus that has given a friend of hers who came to Madrid: “we do Not want to risk and Luka will spend a few days separated from the group and soon he will return. Injured, not liked everything that has happened this year, but is a goal scorer, is young, and we have him for next year. This season has been small things that have prevented him from being with us.”

Spoke of the case Vinicius, that it is not exercised today with the campus by security protocol of the League : “it has Not come up positive in the test, but it went wrong, there was an error, there were errors at other times too, and that’s why we follow the protocol and not trained, for safety. But he has not tested positive. This afternoon we will do another test and if everything goes well will return with the group to train and play.” If so, will play tomorrow.

The French analyzed the state of Hazard: “it’s Only a discomfort and has trained with us and hopefully play with the team later and especially the Champions league match. is Is the third relapse and once in a while it bothers me a little, and Eden wants to play. The resonance says that everything is ok, but it bothers me a little.”

The responsible leader argued the state of Marcelo: “Marcelo has had a small injury and therefore has not trained in the morning.”