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Champion in his own right, with ten consecutive wins, Zidane wants to compete seriously, as always, the last League match. Florentino Perez and the coach French always want to give example of professionalism. For Real Madrid there are no friendly or encounters inconsequential, because everything you do and especially what not to do is watched and criticized. There is respect Leganes, and the rest of the teams play stay. And all the staff want Benzema to win the Pichichi. Zidane will rest Thibaut Courtois, trophy Zamora, and Hazard , with a view already to the Champions league.

Play Nipple and Brahim. Rest Hazard and Courtois, trophy Zamora, with a view to the Champions league

you Play with Nipple, and probably with Brahim . Give you some more rest . Because this League have won all, it is a success of all and today will play many of these men who are hungry for the ball. Align an eleven important, because Zidane wants to win eleven out of eleven. And you have to Leganés in the sight glass, from which she was eliminated in the Cup two editions. We’ll see if they play Ramos and Casemiro, the other two members of the hall of security, along with Courtois and Benzema.

Zidane searches for the top scorer in Benzema and will field an eleven to win the úndécimo match in a row

ABC we questioned that, if he has won a title every 19 matches average, feels the coach is ideal for this club, if you feel the true Special Eleven of the Real Madrid: “I feel very comfortable as coach of Real Madrid, I know this will end one day and I enjoy every minute of it, but one day will end, as just before. A day will end of truth. But I do not feel the Special One”.

Not evaluated: “I don’t get note, these the they put you.” Not attacked the issue of whether or not it is a good technician: “I Enjoy my passion of being a player, first, and now coach, did not enter the discussions”.

he would Not talk about the next campaign: “Not speak next year, missing a day of League and have the Champions league . I don’t know what will happen in the future, here things change every day.”

The City: “we Know that we will have a difficult match there. is Because we had it hard in the back and what we will have in the back , but we’re going to fight every minute in that match and we will see what happens.”

Analyzed the League: “ There are ten games to win a League, there needs to be a balance and we have had it more regularly defensive, but I am not referring to four defenders, but to defend all and attack when we have the ball. We know that to win titles, we need all the players. is In Granada we played very well the first part and there is an opponent and other times you don’t play as you want”.

Motivation for fight morning before the Leganés: “There you have it, Real Madrid is required to have it”. The opponent plays the permanence. He spoke of Aguirre: “he Is a coach of great experience, has done many things and very well and that is what is happening. I look at all the coaches to see what they do”.

Zidane not pull out chest: “ I Am as I am, I like to play, I like to train , I am a happy person and nothing more.”