Director Debbie Wiede-Busch (Aglaia Szyszkowitz) looks at educational top of strictly, and is not at all impressed by the CV of the candidate who expresses himself in front of her. A single image of the decision to escape, this Ralph Friesner (Axel Prahl). To prepare their students on the financial statements, and the life? Once twelve Semester political science and sociology bachelor’s degree studies, without a degree. “The study of the Unimaginative”.

Eventually head of policy at a newspaper. A scandal in the local administration revealed, otherwise will probably for years, a quiet ball pushed. Then removal, Hartz IV, the divorce from Laila (Inka Friedrich), who celebrates with her agile New, Benedict (Robert Schupp), in a posh Berlin apartment, the casual life of a Successful job, whilst Friesner layers of a room with grandma-connection (Katharina Thalbach as a great maternal counsel in all of life’s wisdom,) when his former trainee Roman (Max Hegewald). And times dreams in which he received the Egon-Erwin-Kisch-prize will be awarded. If he is not in the empty pub of friend Ingo (Simon Schwarz) and the wrecked counter philosophers. Debbie Wiede-Busch assigns the sample to the problem class, the hopeless, the want to already assume that no other teacher. A Failure under Failing, but fits. Not have your life in control. Berlin needs desperately a teacher.

not Alone, that Friesner is not a failure, but for superior. Intellectually and so on. In the specialized Nimbus no one in front of him. That’ll be fun. But it is not unfortunately, because “extra class”, “Fack ju Göhte”-blend in a mood of social-critical intention, it has jokes too much with a hundred times belonged to Puberty Penis and a sense of Humor, the kindness: “Fuck you ass” – “For you are still, you ass.” As students role holder is a colorful panoply of cardboard figures, and the properties will be carriers applied messenger, the need to prove one thing, namely that inclusion is not a quite funny Herculean task with a guarantee of success, at least, if you take things too hard.

A few convincing moments of outrage

Crystal (Mercedes Müller) is a smartphone addictive and keeps the pluperfect for “something Great, just better than perfect”. Screaming pink Sweater she is wearing hotpinke gel nails. Rina (Jennifer Ulrich) is the Smart one, but has two children by two different fathers, a Supermarktjob and no time for school. Bob (Tony Harrison Mpoudja) from Haiti to a Voodoo fetish, in the class room, the tattooed Mike (Dennis Mojen) comes and goes whenever he wants. Norbert (Nico Randel), the cheerful sunshine with Down syndrome and severe heart defects, and heart good Gökdal (Vedat Erincin), a “Späti”-owners who want to finally read the book written by his daughter. Gökdal is illiterate and want to catch up with the other difficult cases together in a couple of months the main graduation. With the help of Ralph Friesner, neither the Talent, the knowledge, nor the gift of Motivation.