On March 18, 2023, the actress Zabou Breitman was the guest of Télématin on the occasion of the promotion of the play Je ne rais pas là si… that she will play on March 26 at the Antoine Theater alongside Sylvie Testud .

A passion for theater and cinema that she probably owes to her parents. Her father, Jean-Claude Deret, was a screenwriter while her mother, Céline Léger, was a Quebec actress. “My parents were ultra-politicized. We were at La Sorbonne, I was sweeping La Sorbonne, I was at the Revolutionary Gavroche Committee, with my overalls and everything”, she declared and added: “I had returned in the committee because there was Renaud. Renaud at 13… It was more than a little crush. He was handsome.

Indeed, the young Zabou Breitman had fallen under the spell of the future artist that we all know, who was 13 years old at the time against 7 for her.

The actress, who had received the César for the first best work for Remembering beautiful things, is the mother of two children, born of her relationship with the sculptor Fabien Chalon. His daughter, Anna Chalon, became a singer, while his son Antonin Chalon became an actor. He notably acted in the film Bis in which he played the role of Kad Merad when he was young as well as in Les Hirondelles de Kaboul and filmed under the direction of his mother in Paris, etc. in 2017.

Planet invites you to discover what the sublime 63-year-old actress looks like today.