Everything seems to succeed for Yvan Attal and his partner Charlotte Gainsbourg. Since 1991, the director and the actress have lived a beautiful love story punctuated by the birth of their three children: Ben, born in 1997, Alice, born in 2002 and Joe, born in 2011. The star couple also shines on the professional plan. Charlotte Gainsbourg has filmed under the direction of her companion in many of her films such as They are everywhere, My Stupid Dog or The Human Things in which their son Ben also played.

If the lovers have lived a good part of their life in France, it is in the United States that Charlotte Gainsbourg decided to leave to settle after the disappearance of her sister Kate Barry in 2013. A family life punctuated by going – returns from Yvan Attal who came to see his children, who had stayed with their mother across the Atlantic. Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the family finally decided to change course in 2020, as she had entrusted to Madame Figaro. “In April, New York had become this deserted city, at the end of the world, and I had a movement of panic. I said to myself: enough of living all apart, I need to be with Yvan, my son , my mother, the mother of Yvan“, she had told.

It was in a Parisian apartment in the 7th arrondissement that she ended up settling with her children Joe and Ben while Alice “stayed in the United States, she is studying on a campus”, reports the site.

More recently, the lovebirds would have bought a Provençal farmhouse with a swimming pool worth 7 million euros, as Closer reports, in June 2021. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal would have put their suitcases in Baux-de-Provence, a commune located between Montpellier and Marseille. Their neighbor would be a famous animator who is none other than… Michel Drucker.