A legend of the French variety. This Friday, October 28, Hugues Aufray is one of the guests of The secret box on France 3. A new number hosted by Faustine Bollaert during which the artist will discover musical surprises concocted by those around him and those close to him.

From his famous songs to his personal archives, the emotion is likely to be there for the nonagenarian star. In his early days in the 1950s, singer Hugues Aufray shared the life of dancer Hélène Faure. He married his first wife in December 1951 and welcomed their two daughters Marie and Charlotte, born in 1958 and 1961 respectively.

While he had rebuilt his life with his companion Muriel, the singer Hugues Aufray was “broken with grief” after the death of his wife and mother of his daughters, as revealed by France Sunday. On October 6, Hélène Faure passed away at her property in Orgnac-l’Aven in Ardèche. If the causes of his death were not revealed, the magazine indicated that his funeral took place on October 13.

Without ever divorcing the mother of his children, Hugues Aufray lived another relationship with his partner Muriel, whom he has been dating since 2005. “I am still married to the same woman I knew when I was 20. She cannot follow me”, he told the Swiss newspaper Le Matin in 2015. “I am a normal man, with an important professional activity and therefore, it is true, I have a young companion. I do not lie either to one nor to the other. I have a clear conscience”.

For the occasion, Planet invites you to discover some personal archives of the artist Hugues Aufray, revealed on his social networks. What was he like when he started out? Here is an anthology in our slideshow.