First decision like – Green Young want to Balthasar Glättli as party President is Glättli is the new President of the Green? At an Online meeting of the members of the young Greens and after a Hearing behind his candidacy. Nils Hänggi4 Kommentare4Wird the Zurich of the new President?Photo: Keystone

It looks good for Balthasar Glättli. It looks good, the Zurich President of the national Council of the Green Switzerland. The young Green reported early Saturday evening that more than a hundred party members participated in the “first Online meeting of the members of a national party in Switzerland”.

Glättli to critical questions at the end of a large majority for his candidacy voted. “We are convinced that the Green with Balthasar Glättli will drive a clearly left-wing, critical of the system policy,” Co-President Julia Küng quoted.

model German

The election, which is due to the Assembly ban completely digital, will take place on 20. June. Originally, it was at 30. May have been planned. To this date, the party has postponed, however, because they didn’t want to risk that the Live option in the network something goes wrong. Live Choice? Yes. The Greens choose as the first national party of Switzerland, their President live on the net.

The party is based on the German Greens. This held the beginning of may, the first digital Congress of the party in Germany. This is debated by 105 delegates over six hours via live stream. The Congress was streamed live on Youtube.

Glättli is predestined

That Glättli is then chosen, is very likely. And the young Greens are not only because in a large majority behind the Zurich national councillor. Balthasar Glättli is the only candidate. If he is selected, replaces it Regula Rytz. It was between 2012 and 2020, the President, from 2012 to 2016 in Co-presidency with Adèle Thorens.

Glättli is predestined to be the first in the network of elected party President of the Switzerland. For seven years he has worked in the IT field, he also distinguished itself in the network policy. For example, in the protection of the rights of citizens. He asked in 2014 in addition, for a visualization of the data retention in Switzerland, its meta-data from six months of Monitoring.

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